Kombucha Fermentation: Playing the waiting game

Brewing you own home brew Kombucha is no easy task. It's a test of patience and scientific observation skills. After reading a bunch of books and watching several videos on youtube, I expected the process to be as simple as you setting up the initial mix and waiting for the next 7 days or so... Continue Reading →


Avocado Mushroom Toast

Mushroom toast - Love it! Avocado toast - Love it! Avocado + Mushroom toast - Love love love it! I stumbled upon this combination when we couldn't agree on what to have for breakfast one day (mushroom toast or avocado toast). We ended up making both the avocado mix and mushroom mix. Kept into two separate... Continue Reading →

Peanut Potatoes…So good!

I have a strict policy of not keeping any chips packets or any other processed snacks at home. I rather substitute it with easily accessible jars of mixed nuts and fruits. It actually works. Whenever I am in the kitchen looking for something to munch on, I just end up eating some almonds or pistachios... Continue Reading →

Cabbage lentil Bowl

I like salads. Warm, fiber heavy, simple protein salads are perfect for those weekend evenings, where all you want to do after coming home is eat, relax a little and go to bed early. This recipe is a fusion bowl + meal + salad. Influenced by two Indian main course dishes, it combines them into... Continue Reading →

“So Light” Oats Atta Pancakes

I have been experimenting with oats for past 3 years, trying to figure out the best way to use oats that lends a healthy but also a delicious meal that  you shouldn't have to have it because it has "healthy" oats, but because you like how it tastes and makes you feel. After numerous unsuccessful... Continue Reading →

A handful Salad

Sundays end up being comfort food days at home, i.e. no holds barred homely Indian food days, with lots of rice, lots of potatoes...To balance it, I need a salad that can stand up to all the carbs and keep me fresh, not drowsy after the big meal. This simple salad recipe brings together 5... Continue Reading →

Take 1 – Measure, Mix, Make

Today was a big day. I was to make my very first batch of Kombucha! I was definitely anxious. It wasn't going to be one of my usual cooking sessions, where I intermittently taste and edit to evolve into the final dish, which gets ready anywhere between 15min - 30mins. This is a much longer... Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossom Smoothie

Its Spring and cherry blossoms time! These days whenever I am out, I am precariously walking as my head is looking up through the branches and flowers towards the sky, or admiring the colorfully lined trees on the sides. I went for an long early morning run this Sunday and when I came back home,... Continue Reading →

Quinoa cakes for dinner

If you are bored of eating quinoa bowls every week, you would love this recipe. Its incredibly simple to put together, is healthy, wholesome and taste delicious. Magic ingredients: Sweet potato: It gives a slightly sweet, textured flavor to the cake and holds the cake together Herbs: Add as many fresh herbs as you like.... Continue Reading →

Where do I find inspiration: Day 5

Whenever I am in need of a huge jolt of inspiration, I head towards kindle store and buy an autobiography / biography book...life stories of seemingly ordinary people, doing extraordinary things in life. Some of my favorites: Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Alibaba by Duncan Clark Bowerman and the... Continue Reading →

Rediscovering the ancient magic potion

I had first heard about Kombucha four years ago in Boston when I had attended a presentation by HonestTea founder. He showed a picture of a Hollywood celeb (now I cant remember) holding a "Honest Kombucha" drink at a party, that went viral and drew craze for this fermented tea drink. After the presentation, they... Continue Reading →

Red Lentil Soupdish

When it comes to soups for dinner, my philosophy is to make them a full meal. Secure veggies of the right color combination and food groups, cook them all together with the lentils, spice it up, garnish with contrasting greens and pair with a crunchy complementary side (bread slices, cauliflower rice, quinoa etc) First in... Continue Reading →

Where do I find inspiration: Day 4

Life was so much easier when we were kids. We didn't do much every day, we didn't have any problems and all our problems were easily resolved with vanilla ice creams, cartoon movies, kisses or sleep. As I grew older, somewhere I started to take ourselves too seriously. Life meant something, the work we did... Continue Reading →

Veggie overload rice

On most evenings, I am running late from work, I am hungry, but somehow I am more determined to cook a nutritious wholesome meal myself than going through the effort of choosing what to eat, ordering and waiting for food to arrive. Today was one of those days and I had left over rice from the... Continue Reading →

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